Blue Village FAQ


What is Blue Village?

A film imprint run collectively by a troupe of actors, Blue Village is managed by award-winning director and screenwriter Jennifer DiMarco and funded by grants, donations and memberships. Members receive a private email every Monday from Jennifer and vote on what films to make, what tie-ins to commission, who to cast, and much more. They also receive free premiere tickets, have all Blue Village festival submission fees waived, and have scripts written specifically for them. Find all the member benefits here.

What does Blue Village cost?

If you want to vote on film-making decisions, have scripts created for you, receive free premiere tickets, have festival fees waived, and act in Blue Village films, you'll want to sign up for the Troubadour membership which is $24/year here.

Is Blue Village "pay to play"?

Blue Village is an acting troupe, a creative club for all ages. Members control what we create and who wants to be cast. We see it as a creative co-op. (And it costs less for an entire year than an average one-time festival submission fee.) Also, if you cannot afford a $24/year membership, contact us about a scholarship.

What films has Blue Village produced so far?

See a complete list of our projects here.

How do I get cast in a Blue Village film?

Become a member! Only Blue Village members or Create4U youth club members are eligible to be cast in Blue Village films,

If I cancel my membership do I lose my acting role?

To act in a Blue Village film, you must stay a member until the film has wrapped production.

How do I leave Blue Village?

We're sorry to see you go but we understand needing to take a break. Contact us and we'll remove you from the mailing list and make sure your membership won't renew. If you signed up through PayPal, you can go to your PayPal account and unsubscribe that way as well.

Have a question not covered here? Contact us. Want to see the specific benefits available to members? Find all the details here at the bottom of the page.