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What is Blue Village?

A film imprint run collectively by a troupe of actors, Blue Village is managed by award-winning director and screenwriter Jennifer DiMarco and funded by silent investors. We make more as our monthly members increase but right now, every six months we make a new commercial short film or a feature film. Membership dues from Blue Village members act as an insurance deductible toward the cost of making the films, submitting to festivals, holding premieres, and releasing the films on dvd, with investors covering all remaining expenses. Members receive a private email every Monday from Jennifer and vote on what films to make, what tie-ins to commission, who to cast, and much more. They also receive free premiere tickets, have all festival submission fees waived, and have scripted written specifically for them. Find all the member benefits here.

What does Blue Village cost?

If you want to vote on film-making decisions, have scripts created for you, receive free premiere tickets, have festival fees waived, and act in Blue Village films, you'll want to sign up for the Troubadour membership which is $24/year. If you want all those benefits plus a percentage of the revenue earned from Blue Village films, sign up for an Entrepreneur membership for $100/month. Find a list of all benefits here (scroll down the page).

How is Blue Village different from Blue Forge Films?

Every film produced by Blue Village will uphold the same standards as every other film at Blue Forge Films: To break stereotypes and misconceptions, to be inclusive and diverse, to bring light to the shadows and voice to the silence, to empower, educate and entertain. However, Blue Forge Films does not traditionally take its films to festivals nor do we have an exclusive troupe of actors we cast from.

Who is Blue Village for?

Actors and entrepreneurs. Since the launch of Blue Forge Films there have been producers who wanted to send their projects to festivals and wanted to be hands on with more of the film-making decisions. Additionally, many actors asked for guaranteed acting roles. All these requests are why we launched the Blue Village imprint.

How do I make money with Blue Village?

Entrepreneur level members are paid a percentage of all revenue earned from the purchase and rental of Blue Village films, soundtrack albums and other products. This royalty is paid monthly. If you leave Blue Village, you'll continue to get a royalty on the films made when you were an active member.

Is Blue Village "pay-to-play"?

Yes and no. Do you consider a festival submission fee pay-to-play? Do you consider the investment made by a producer of a film pay-to-play? If so, than yes. Blue Village members -- no matter what their membership level -- have an equal vote in all decisions and have the security of knowing they will be cast in the films Blue Village makes. This is a troupe of actors running a film imprint together. We see it as co-ownership more than pay-to-play.

What films has Blue Village produced so far?

See a complete list of our projects here.

How do I get cast in a Blue Village film?

Primarily, only members of Blue Village can be cast in Blue Village films. An actor can have either level of membership since all levels will be cast and all levels have equal voting rights on all decisions.

If I cancel my membership do I lose my acting role?

To act in a Blue Village film, you must stay a member until the film has wrapped production to keep your acting role.

How do I unsubscribe?

We're sorry to see you go but it is easy to unsubscribe. Simply click here. If for any reason that doesn't work for you, simply email us at and we handle it for you.

Have a question not covered here? Contact us. Want to see the specific benefits available to each level of membership? Find all the details here at the bottom of the page.

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