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Feast of Souls Film Festival


Rated 13+

147 minutes

Thirty-one short and ultra short films by nine independent filmmakers were presented one a day for the month of October 2019. Scary, humorous, surreal, and even down-right terrifying, the Feast of Souls tells almost three dozen unique stories all made on shoe-string budgets by passionate teams.


The filmmakers are: Angela Faro, Larry Hawkins, Brianne DiMarco, Maxwell DiMarco, Jessie Larson, Jeremy Lehtonen, Lauren Patzer, and Jennifer DiMarco. The films, in alphabetical order, are: #haunted, Alone, Behind the Scenes, Buyer's Remorse, Caught on Film, Come Home, Commencement, Crash, Cuifen, Eat, Evanescent, Feed, Firewood, Frau, Geocaching, Ghost Grrl (Ep 1), Malevolence, On the Wind's Breath, Outside of Eden, Overdrawn, Prey, Prey 2, Remembrance, Reunite, Rock Paper Knife (Ep 1), Schoolgirl, The Other Side, Treat, White Void, Wilding, and Witch Hunt.

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