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Teatro di Freak

Short Film

Rated 13+

72 minutes


In an alternative world where ten percent of the population are tagged and coded by the Registry after a gene mutation grants them strange abilities,  society divides the “freaks” into strains and tries to isolate them from unaffected humans. Lead by Helena, six rebels open Teatro di Freak -- the Theatre of Freaks -- to showcase their fascinating abilities for sold-out crowds both horrified and mystified by these outcasts. Authorities try to shut down Teatro di Freak but they manage to skirt the law and preach inclusion... for now. But it isn’t just the Registry that seeks to control and disband the troupe. Leaders among the strains don't want peace -- not with humans and maybe not even with each other. Will external politics and power plays tear Teatro di Freak apart or will their own secrets force their final curtain call? This edition of Teatro di Freak compiles the entire first and second seasons of the web series into a single short film.

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