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Die Hard Geezers


Rated 13+

126 minutes


Geezers have all the fun! Willameana and her four friends have been running together since they were kids. Add gray hair, walkers, and dentures and not that much has changed! Fred, Klayburt, Mavis and Naomi still think Willameana needs a better man and shouldn't scat in the middle of church service. And Willameana still thinks they should all get their own damn cars! Or as Willameana would say: "Da hell!" Join the gang on their wacky, irreverent adventures through a world built from papercraft and laughter in Die Hard Geezers, created by author, actor and comedian Geraldine Bowers (Grown Women Talking). Never miss a single line of dialogue with the Die Hard Geezers published script available here.

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