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Blue Village Acting Troupe

After ten years of public open calls, time-consuming auditions, and juggling the needs of producers, Blue Forge Films decided to form its own acting troupe and cast all future projects entirely from the troupe. The quality, dedication, and simplicity Blue Village brings to our film and television projects is remarkable and we've never looked back.

Blue Village members are all ages and abilities but they have this in common: A passion to make stories with us. Troupe members vote on what productions we do and respond to any casting calls that appeal to them. When we host festivals, members can have scripts written just for them that compete with other entries from all over the world. 

Most Blue Village members are with us here in Washington State but some live out of state or even outside the country! These members are given access to free tutorials about self-taping at home and they still get to vote on projects like everyone else. The Blue Village feature film, Social Box, was actually filmed almost entirely by the actors themselves across three states and two countries at the height of the pandemic! "Safety first" didn't mean sacrificing the story.

Join the Blue Village Acting Troupe


Sign up here for an actor's membership ($24/year).


Membership benefits include:

  • Be cast in Blue Village films and series.

  • Help decide the films and series Blue Village makes.

  • A weekly members-only email for casting and more.

  • Unlimited free rentals at BlueFlix.

  • Unlimited free Blue Cinema premiere tickets.

  • Have scripts written for you for Blue Village film festivals.

  • Self-tape for a Blue Village project, we'll edit and score.

  • Be eligible for Blue Village film festival cash prizes.

  • A 10% discount at any Blue Forge Press book fair.

Interested in writing or producing your own projects and casting, editing and scoring with Blue Village? Contact us for details about a producer's membership.

Blue Village Projects

Explore these stories at BlueFlix

or on Blue Forge Family:

Cracked Mirror Film Festival

Six Easy Conversations

Saturdays at The Sausage Shack

Billie and the Beat Drops

Hills Like Elephants

I S.P.I. Audio Book

Leap Film Festival

Midnight Film Festival

My Wyvern Heart

One Room Film Festival

Perspective Film Festival

Social Box

Sound & Silence

Projects in Progress

(listed in order of expected release)


The Lincoln Choices

Awash in Blue
Space Marines: Season 3
An Anarchy of Angels

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