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Forge It Filmmaker Workshop


Rated 13+

366 minutes


She made her mark nationally with bestselling novels and award-winning poetry, but Jennifer DiMarco’s work as a screenwriter and director took her career to international heights. With a dozen feature films and almost a hundred short films and ultra short films on her resume, DiMarco now shares her good story, well-told approach: The Modular Method. For filmmakers with little to no budget and skeleton crews with limited equipment, Modular Method presents an approach that empowers the writer/director to craft the film they envision in their mind. With more than six hours of instruction across twenty-two classes, you can learn at your own pace and, with the digital purchase and DVD options, rewatch whenever you need a refresher. This course comes with downloadable materials bundled with your digital purchase or DVD, or linked to from the first video in the rentable playlist. Once you’ve completed the course, follow the instructions in the final video to take the (optional) Modular Method mastery test.

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